The lingerie manufacturers are one of the largest online markets for gentlemen and ladies looking for discreet service for fast delivery and excellent quality designer and luxury underwear. Often with a larger selection and more competitive prices in the lingerie producers compared on the high street, this is place to grow across the coming years.


It can be a wonderful experience to have some beautifully wrapped lingerie arrive at your door without having to leave the home, but it can be an unpleasant one in the event that you buy the incorrect lingerie from a manufacturer. Here are the top five tips to get it correctly.


Look in the websites size manuals –

Lingerie fluctuates from 1 manufacturer brand to the other, some styles are small cupped others larger but also with the Internet we now have a greater option across international waters where sizes vary too. And so if the size manual advises you to alter the size you would usually buy, it’s always advisable to take the pros advice – even if you don’t like the dimensions of trying a 36C, it can often help save you having to exchange or return the designer bra.


Look closely at the images but also read thoroughly the description –

Though a picture can tell a thousand words everyone’s monitor differs and so what looks navy blue could be a deep purple or black. So read the description in full, check the color and specifics of your luxury designer lingerie, so you aren’t disappointed upon arrival.


Locate their contact details –

Look for the lingerie makers websites full contact details including a speech and landline. You have to understand that if something goes wrong that you can get hold of the lingerie boutique readily and not sit starting at a one-way contact type. But also in the event you have any questions, you have to ask.


Check their returns policy – If it does not match what you could do? Assess the length of time you have to decide whether to keep your designer lingerie or not. Its normal not to refund postage, it’s the same as shopping in city; no high street retailer would refund parking or petrol. But check that you can return lingerie which doesn’t match or is not as anticipated as well as where to return it to.