7 Car Insurance Benefits in Singapore


Before finding the best car insurance quote online, you have to learn first why it is a must to get a car insurance. When it comes to the car insurance benefits in Singapore, there are a lot of them. If you’re a first-time car insurance buyer, you might be confused on what you need to know first. Insurance is actually one of the legal obligations in Singapore, and you can’t be too late in learning all that you can about insurance. In this article, I will give you all the information that you need about car insurance in Singapore. 

You’re Following the Law 

Singaporean law stipulates that every car driver must have car insurance. The penalty for driving without insurance is usually heavy, and people who don’t have car insurance are easily fined. In addition, driving without insurance is also against the law, so you definitely need to get your license for that. There are lots of reasons why drivers need car insurance in Singapore, but the most important one is to protect yourself and other people that you may accidentally hit with your car. 

It is Affordable than Paying the Fine When Get Caught Driving without License 

The benefits of car insurance in Singapore are many. Aside from the fine that you’ll pay if you get caught driving without it, the fine that you pay for your car insurance is a lot lower compared to what you would pay if you get into an accident. In Singaporean law, the minimum amount of coverage that you can have is AVRS Basic. This is just the bare minimum, which means that it will only cover the damages on the vehicle itself. 

Wide-Range of Insurances 

Other types of insurance, you can avail of in Singapore are Third Party Fire and Theft. Third Party Insurance is the basic insurance that you can avail of. It’s also one of the cheapest insurance you can get in Singapore. Third Party Insurance will cover the damages on other people’s property and cars. The premiums for this type of insurance are quite low, and the coverage is also quite limited. 

Got You Covered in Times of Accidents 

If you have a car then you already know about the many things it can cost you in case you get into an accident. Singaporean car insurance companies however have developed their own plans just for car drivers like you so that they will be able to provide you with car insurance benefits in Singapore. If you drive an old car then the insurance for this kind of car will be higher than the premiums you pay for a car in the present. 

Enjoy Defensive Driving Course 

However, if you want a better deal, then it’s best to choose a car with a high safety rating. This means that the likelihood of you getting into an accident is less. One of the best car insurance benefits in Singapore that you can enjoy is defensive driving course. With the help of this course, you will be able to avoid traffic violations and you will also learn how to drive your car in emergencies. You will be taught how to drive with both hands on the steering wheel and how to avoid possible accidents from occurring. 

Get to Learn How to Drive Manual Vehicles 

Aside from defensive driving course, you can also take lessons on how to drive manual vehicles. If you want to, you can also purchase a manual car instead of getting a car with a high safety rating. Some people believe that manual cars are more affordable and they are also not as prone to accidents compared to other car models in the market. One of the Singaporean car insurance benefits in owning manual cars is that if you get into an accident that is your fault, then you do not have to shoulder all the costs of the damage caused to other persons or property. 

Special Rates for Senior 

Other car insurance benefits in Singapore include those for older drivers. If you are a senior citizen, then getting car insurance for yourself or as a loved one would be wise. There are many car insurance companies in the country offering special rates for senior citizens. There are many advantages that you can get from having car insurance. However, it is still necessary that you make your choice wisely. If you are not sure what kind of policy you should have, then you can always consult the company representative to get your ideal policy. 

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