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Vocabolo Moscatelli: the Charm of Umbria

On the outskirts of Calzolaro, a small village in the province of Perugia, in the Umbria region of central Italy, stands Vocabolo Moscatelli, a boutique hotel housed within a former monastery dating back to the 12th century. Here, the charm of the territory comes alive, celebrating the region’s rich culture and wonderful landscapes.

In August 2022, Vocabolo Moscatelli opened its doors, welcoming guests into its serene embrace, with an emphasis on the rustic charm and refined essence of the region where it’slocated: Umbria. Nestled within a former monastery built in the 1300s, the property pays homage to its rich heritage and beauty, seamlessly blending historical reverence with modern updates. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the surroundings, where original beamed ceilings, sturdy stone fireplaces, and warm wooden floors harmonize with spacious, light-filled interiors adorned with pops of color and bespoke artworks crafted by local artists and artisans. This synthesis of past and present creates an ambiance where cherished memories intertwine with timeless design.

“Vocabolo is a place where one feels at home and can feel the great green heart of Italy beat”

Vocabolo Moscatelli is the dream come true of its founders, Frederik Kubierschky and Catharina Lütjens. In particular, Kubierschky brings the weight of his experience, having worked as chief concierge in numerous five-star hotels in Switzerland. Together with his partner Catharina, they decided to create a place where guests could feel free and welcome. This translates, for example, into the fun initiative of making breakfast available at any time of the day.

To bring their vision to life, they chose the expertise of the Florentine Studio Archiloop and designer Jacopo VenerosiPesciolini, responsible for the restoration and renovation of the monastery’s three buildings as well as the interior design.

The designer decided to give each area its own identity, with different color palettes, materials, and furnishing styles, without completely modernizing the buildings. The original wood floors, natural stone walls, and exposed terracotta bricks were preserved, together with the iron brass detailing present throughout the property. There was also particular attention to the artworks adorning the spaces, curated by Matteo Pacini and created by more than ten different artists, each bringing their artistic style to the ancient monastery turned hotel.

Vocabolo Moscatelli houses a total of twelve rooms and suites. Of these, eight are located in the main villa, while the remaining four can be found in the nearby annex. Each space is individually designed, although the overall vibe is one of coziness and warmth.

Two of the suites feature large terraces overlooking the countryside, curated by Italian designer Paola Lenti, with wonderful bathtubs to enjoy a moment of relaxation immersed in nature. The rooms in the annex, on the other hand, have their own private gardens with gorgeous outdoor furniture by the Venetian company Varaschin.

The main villa of the property, on its ground floor, houses the hotel’s restaurant and bar. The Vocabolo Moscatelli Restaurant offers a plant-forward menu, despite being located in a region known for its meat products,with local ingredients and dishes influenced by Umbria’s rustic gastronomy. Here, the chef turns fruits and vegetables into revisited traditional meals.

The Matite Bar is a place where one can enjoy an expertly crafted cocktail made from locally sourced spirits, at the terracotta and brass bar, designed to invite social conversation.

Inside and out, every space is designed for leisurely interaction, inviting guests to meet each other, relax at their own pace, and tune into their surroundings. Vocabolo Moscatelli also offers a wide range of activities to enhance its guests’ experience even more: pottery classes, truffle hunting, yoga lessons, cooking classes, or a tour of the nearby chocolate factory “Casa del CioccolatoPerugina”. Everyone will be able to find a fun or relaxing activity to complete their stay.

Vocabolo Moscatelli


Via del Refari Calzolaro, 2 – 06019 – Calzolaro (PG)

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