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The Legacy and Innovation of VéVé Glass

Discover the story of Vévé Glass, a Venice-based company with over three decades of glassmaking experience. Renowned worldwide for its handcrafted Murano Glass objects, customization is at the core of their activity bringing to life their clients’ desires with the support of a dedicated team of architects and designers.

Specializing in artistic glass for architectural and interior design projects, VéVé Glass is a Venetian company founded in 1983, with a vast extensive experience in working with Murano glass. All products are meticulously handcrafted by specialized artisans using century-old glassmaking techniques, thereby respecting the preciousness of the material. From sculptures to home accessories and lighting fixtures, each item distinguishes itself with magnificent colors and unparalleled quality.
VéVé Glass adheres to a philosophy deeply rooted in tradition while embracing contemporary design concepts. The brand's profound passion for art and beauty radiates through every piece, whether it's a small sculpture for living spaces, large decorative panels for corporate offices, or other home decorations. Discover the story behind this brand and its dedication to preserving the ancient tradition of Murano glassmaking.

For over thirty years, VéVé Glass has been one of the few companies that has been preserving and handing down the Venetian tradition and production of Murano Glass. Tell us about your company’s story.

VéVé Glass' origins are deeply rooted in the rich Venetian tradition of Murano glassmaking. Founded in 1983, our family embarked on this extraordinary journey with the goal of becoming the place of choice for the production of Murano glass among modern design aficionados. Since then, we have embraced the mission of preserving the history of Murano glass, becoming an integral part of its long artisanal tradition. Our history has been steered by our enthusiasm for glass and our desire to be the artists who bring our clients' ideas of decoration and beauty to life. As a Venetian family, we are proud to cherish and pass on our values and expertise to future generations.

VéVé Glass successfully maintains a harmonious balance between respect for the traditions of Murano glassmaking and a dynamic and innovative vision for the future. How does this synergy help shape your unique creations?

The synergy between respect for tradition and the pursuit of innovation is the beating heart of our unique creations. Our commitment to keeping the tradition of Murano glass alive is evident in the crafting techniques we use. At the same time, we draw inspiration from creativity and craftsmanship - the key attributes of artisans - to give life to shapes, colors, and patterns in innovative ways. This connection between past and future is reflected in our ability to adapt Murano glass to contemporary design demands. Each creation becomes a bridge between centuries-old masterful craftsmanship and the ongoing evolution of modern tastes and needs.

According to your philosophy, customization is an invitation to explore the endless possibilities of transforming glass into unique works of art. What do your customers seek and how do you succeed in turning their desires into reality?

Per our ethos, customization is the very essence of creating Murano glass artwork. Our clients look for uniqueness, high quality, and the opportunity to express their vision through glass. It’s when we turn their wishes into reality that the magic happens, shaping each piece with careful attention to detail. Customization is not limited to just shapes and sizes, it also includes colors, patterns, and textures. Each element is one-of-a-kind, designed to blend seamlessly into private and public spaces. Our goal is to offer customers a timeless experience, celebrating the authenticity of Murano glass and bringing their desires to life through our bespoke creations.