About Artemest

Sculptural Lighting

Discover the unexpected shapes of this collection dedicated to sculptural lighting. Light dresses your home and sculpts the space around you, be inspired by the colors and materials of lamps and chandeliers with organic and soft shapes like those by Andrea Serra and Mirei Monticelli or the more geometric and rigid ones by Matlight Milano and many others. Enjoy the opportunity to enrich your space with products handcrafted by the best Italian artisans.

Don't miss this wide selection of sculpturally shaped lamps made by Italian artisans. From marble creations like those by Firmamento Milano to glass creations by WonderGlass and Paolo Castelli. Be inspired by Laura Meroni's pieces, StoneLab Design's table lamps, Silvio Mondino Studio's geometries, Draga & Aurel's colors, and Memphis' timeless design.