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Myin: Colorful and Innovative Design

Meet designer Luciana Gomez, the founder of Myin, a new design of the soul capable of combining an aesthetic approach with a more conceptual one. Myin's creations invent a new minimalism and true tailoring, which can go as far as complete customization.

Milan-based design brand Myin stands out for its minimalist lines and innovative approach to creating furniture. The company transforms the traditional concept of "interior design" into the deeper concept of "interior design." Myin is committed to thoroughly exploring the functional elements of objects and fully understanding the needs of the individuals who use them. The synergy between artistic style and craftsmanship is a hallmark of Myin's creations, where every single piece is handmade in Italy. This approach lends a sartorial quality to the works, which can be fully customized according to the client's wishes.

A key aspect of Myin's design is environmental awareness. Through the use of a special "UV curing" printing technique, liquid inks are transformed into solids, ensuring an environmentally friendly process. Without the use of solvents and without requiring high temperatures, this methodology reduces harmful air emissions and overall energy consumption.

The very name of the brand encapsulates Myin's philosophy. Tell us how this idea came about and what the manifesto for this innovative project is.

Myin means both "my interiority" and "my interior design." Therefore, it is a design that represents "my" innermost part: that soul that becomes evermore precious because I’m the one who decides how, when, and to whom to show it. My choice - perhaps a bit against the grain and thus courageous - was to change the perception of design, conferring a new role to the furniture’s interior. In this way, opening a piece becomes a wholly unexpected and surprising opportunity for discovery.

This is what we call the "design of the soul," and truthfully, the inspiration came to me in a pretty bizarre way. I was born in Argentina and moved to Italy when I was very young. The first time I came to Milan, I saw some buildings in the center that struck me because of a particular detail: externally, they were essential and austere, but, on the inside, they surprised me with their unexpected, lush gardens. That, of course, immediately struck my Argentine sensibility. That is how my first iconic object, the Luli sideboard, came to life: minimal on the exterior and covered in natural elements along the interior. From there, everything else followed.

All signed Myin pieces have an unmistakable style, defined by original and colorful patterns that reinterpret charming natural elements. How do these patterns come about, and what sparked this idea?

The Interior textures can arise from personal inspirations - much like my passion for tropical wildlife that colors my childhood memories - or they can be commissioned for custom projects, like a true work of art. In that case, I am nothing but the tool that translates and interprets the customer’s interiority and transforms it into a graphic expression. For example, the textures in the Sipario Collection were born out of an encounter with actresses from the Associazione Amleta, which fights against gender inequality and for women's rights in the entertainment industry. Every detail of that texture refers back to them, from the use of the color purple, representing the fight against stereotypes and prejudices (since actors consider purple to bring bad luck), to the color yellow (its complementary opposite), which evokes the light of the spotlight.

"Space is not a place, but an experience." What does this sentence mean to you, and how do you think Myin's furniture can enrich the living experience in a space?

Indeed, space not only is but must be an experience. Objects must speak to us, they must tell stories, or, better yet, they must tell our story. That's also why I place so much importance on personalization: creating graphics with hints of our personality and memories adds charm to everyday objects and makes interiors truly unique. Furthermore, if you consider that they are handmade - and the skilled craftsmen's hands become an integral part of the story - then the experience comes full circle.