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Hotel Nolinski: a Historic Venetian Retreat

A few canals over from Piazza San Marco and the La Fenice opera house stands the Hotel Nolinski. Its majestic façade transports us to Venetian history, in the building that once hosted Venice’s Stock Exchange. Art and noble materials fuse together in its thirty rooms and thirteen suites, creating a charming environment.

Protected by Venice’s Historic Monuments laws, the building boasts multiple examples of the city's unique wrought iron structures. We suggest walking up the grand staircase, letting your hand slide along the banister while admiring the magnificent hidden details in the balustrades. Renovated and restored to their original glory, the terrazzo doors and stucco marmorino walls highlight traditional and unique Venetian craftsmanship. In perfect harmony with the building’s protected historical elements, the contemporary features seamlessly merge with the original structure.

“At the Nolinski Venezia, we are making the most of the building’s constraints. It’s not we who dictate the interior design, it’s the building that dictates it to us.”

Monumental and majestic, Hotel Nolinski occupies one of Venice's widest and busiest streets. Adorned with mythological ornamentation inspired by the sea, the windows and balconies recall the maritime activity, typical and central to the city’s historic tradition, gracing the unique building that once housed Venice’s Stock Exchange.

Developed over five floors, the 43 rooms, each unique in design, offer a haven of peace and the promise of a one-of-a-kind, timeless stay. To complete the experience, guests can explore the Library Bar, with its four thousand books and a gorgeous ceiling fresco by the artist Simon Buret, as well as the Palais Royal Restaurant Venezia, where an enormous chandelier from the 1950s takes center stage together with red velvet benches adding an element of comfort to accompany a Michelin Starred dinner.

Timelessness: that’s the sensation each room, decorated with artworks and noble materials, is imbued with. A game of contrasts with metal, complementing the mango wood joinery, grey marmorino and powder pink velvet. To finish off the look and pay homage to the city, the rooms feature glass lanterns inspired by those in the Doge’s Palace, crafted by one of Venice’s master glassmakers. Art Deco-style furniture draws inspiration from Franco Albini’s bookcases, renowned for their ceiling attachment and modular shelving.

On its third floor, Hotel Nolinski hosts a spa for the relaxation of its visitors. Spa Nolinski by La Collineoffers a wide range of treatments featuring its high-performance skincare collections, offering a journey of the senses inspired by nature and the art of living.

At the top of the building, an iconic element is found to complete the relaxation ritual: a pool crowning the hotel, with spectacular views across the entire city. The only one of its kind in Venice, it offers an unparalleled panoramic view over the Venetian rooftops. The elegant simplicity of the concrete supports and stone walls showcases the opulence of the pool and its gold mosaic tiles. The gold leaf-covered tessere charge the space with a play of light as vibrant as that of the gilding in the San Marco Basilica.

In the inner patio of the hotel, Il Caffè welcomes hotel guests and locals seeking a refuge of tranquility. A place where the only sound is the trickle of the fountain at the center of the verdant courtyard. Drawing inspiration from the androni, the canal-level floors of Venetian palaces traditionally used to house commercial premises and storage, Il Caffè gives them a contemporary twist: stone floors, coffered ceilings, old bricks, and white marmorino walls contrast with the warm, velvety tones of the décor.

The furniture is inspired by gondolas. Over a drink or lunch, featuring Mediterranean dishes with 100% Italian ingredients, guests can enjoy the peace that the space infuses while sitting on banquettes whose glossy lacquered wood recall the legendary boats so emblematic of the city. Wall mirrors and copper panels reflect and capture the city’s light. At sunset, ripples of sunlight reflect off the fountain and adorn the courtyard’s walls, replicating the way the waters of the canals reflect against the façades of Venetian palaces.

Hotel Nolinski


Calle Larga XXII Marzo, 2032 – 30124 -Venezia(VE)

+39 041 406 2459

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