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Design Icon: Enzo Mari

One of the main characters of Italian contemporary design, Enzo Mari has been defined as “the conscience of design” thanks to his cross-disciplinary philosophy. Discover his story and his revolutionary approach to design methodologies.

Enzo Mari, a prominent figure in Italian contemporary design, is often hailed as "the conscience of design" due to his cross-disciplinary philosophy. His story unfolds as a narrative of artistic exploration, from design to painting, graphics, and installation design. Having made Milan his home after relocating from Novara to pursue artistic training, Mari's impact extends beyond design, encompassing roles as a university lecturer and political activist.

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Mari's influence on Italian design is profound, marked by a characteristic style defined by minimal forms and a consistent use of materials. This aesthetic not only shapes the history of Italian design but also propels its recognition on the global stage. During a pivotal period of growth for Danese Milano, Mari collaborated with the company, utilizing the opportunity to experiment with techniques, create installations, sculptures, and products that stand as milestones in the evolution of design.

The designer cannot fail to have his own ideology of the world. If he has none, he is a fool who only gives shape to other people’s ideas.

Enzo Mari - 1997

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