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Experience the Elegance of Italian-Crafted & Luxury Chairs

While perusing our chair assortment, you'll encounter chairs that encapsulate the quintessence of Italian design—a flawless harmony of structure and utility, heritage and creativity. Whether it's the elegant curves of a meticulously crafted armchair or the streamlined silhouette of a contemporary dining chair, every item is crafted to enchant and ignite your imagination.

​Our chairs are made from top-quality materials like soft leather, fine fabric, wood, rattan, wicker, metal, and so on. Whether you're searching for a statement piece to anchor your living room, a set of elegant dining chairs to elevate your meals, or a cozy reading chair to curl up in with a good book, Artemest has a unique chair perfect for every occasion.

When you choose an Artemest luxury chair, it's not simply buying furniture—it's honoring a profound legacy and unwavering excellence that epitomize Italian craftsmanship. Every chair narrates a tale of fervor, expertise, and commitment, and by welcoming one into your space, you weave yourself into that intricate story.

Don't settle for ordinary seating. Elevate your space and experience the joy of sitting in a true masterpiece. Explore Artemest's luxury chair collection today and discover the epitome of Italian design and craftsmanship.

Chairs FAQs

    What are common types of chairs?

    Common types of chairs include the wingback chair, known for its high, curved back, the ladder back chair with wooden slats, versatile armchairs, comfortable recliners, and the stylish club chair. Each type offers unique features and aesthetics to suit various spaces and preferences.

    What is the standard size of a chair?

    Standard chair dimensions can vary depending on the type of chair (e.g., dining, office, lounge) and regional design preferences. Chair dimensions are often similar across many countries, but specific styles or traditional designs can influence the size in different regions.

    Here's a table summarizing the typical dimensions for a standard dining chair in the United States, United Kingdom, and Italy, along with a general international standard when applicable:

    • United States: Seat Height 17-19 inches; Seat Width 16-20 inches; Seat Depth 15-18 inches; Backrest Height 12-20 inches
    • United Kingdom: Seat Height 17-18 inches; Seat Width 16-20 inches; Seat Depth 15-17 inches; Backrest Height 12-20 inches
    • Italy: Seat Height 43-48 cm; Seat Width 40-50 cm; Seat Depth 40-45 cm; Backrest Height 35-51 cm
    • International (Approx.): Seat Height 45 cm; Seat Width 45 cm; Seat Depth 40 cm; Backrest Height 45 cm


    • Seat Height is typically measured from the floor to the top of the seat cushion.
    • Seat Width refers to the width of the seat at its widest point.
    • Seat Depth is measured from the front edge of the seat to the backrest.
    • Backrest Height is measured from the seat to the top of the backrest.

    Why should you buy chairs on the Artemest website?

    Purchasing chairs from Artemest is advisable due to their exclusive handmade selection by skilled Italian artisans, offering high-quality finishes, unique designs, and personalized customer service. Our global shipping service ensures accessibility to luxurious and distinctive furniture pieces.