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Carpanelli: A New Touch of Elegance

The Carpanelli workshop started making furniture in 1919, using the best Italian manufacturing methods with a contemporary twist. Originally furnishing the most prestigious apartments of the Milanese nobility, today Carpanelli keeps creating pieces that boast a stunning combination of tradition and innovation.

For Carpanelli "A New touch of elegance" is a way of thinking and living that involves all areas of life, bringing beauty, elegance and essentiality into our daily life: a beauty of unusual things. It is a style that dresses the space with charm and suggestion, preferring textures that are soft to the touch and with a high aesthetic quality: metals, marbles and material finishes are mixed; using soft fabrics and opaque materials, in this way, generating sophisticated spaces, not at all trivial although minimal.

The choice of materials is an elegant chromatic path that crosses the richness of neutral and natural tones where the identity of each color is enhanced by the presence of the others. The materials: woods with customized textures with a “chevron” motif, the preciousness of marble, metals and curved wood shapes that refer to sculptural elements; the durability of the leather details and the softness of the leather which is silky and delicate to the touch. It is a tactile and material exploration from smooth surfaces such as marble to the more irregular ones with natural grain (linen, woods, plasters). And finally a refined visual experience dictated by the refinement of the “hand made” elements and by the effects of the refraction of light. Natural light becomes the undisputed protagonist and the furniture seems to have been chosen and arranged to enhance it.

Carpanelli's history dates back over a hundred years and spans three generations of passionate entrepreneurs and creative woodworkers. Tell us your story, from the beginning to its current success.

One hundred and four years, three generations: a century of history of the Carpanelli family during which each generation has expressed passion and creativity through their furniture, standing out for its original style and the quality of a Made in Italy product that is"Bello e Ben Fatto"[tn. “Beautiful and well made” is used to describe Italian manufacturing that promotes the Italian way of life to the world]. The trust and satisfaction of loyal clients who have given us their patronage for over 100 years are the best guarantee of quality and professionalism for all current and future customers.

The third generation - represented by Giuseppe, Angelo, and Daniele - has picked up the baton in reaffirming the commitment to our corporate identity while modernizing by regularly monitoringmarket trends and adapting to new customer needs. Our biggest challenge has been to come up with products aligned with changes in the market while remaining true to our corporate DNA.

These are our everyday challenges, which allow us to grow and motivate us to give it our all. Today, Carpanelli renews its catalog and sales strategies to better acquaint itself with new customers and purchasing dynamics.

“A New Touch of Elegance” is your latest collection, an elegant mix of neutral tones and textured materials. Marked by the quality that only "handmade" can guarantee, each piece in the collection is part of a larger vision of values and taste. How did this project come about and what makes these contemporary design objects so special?

The Carpanelli Style is recognizable for its consistent experimentation rooted in its know-how of handling prized woods, which has been passed down for a century.

It is the marriage of tradition and innovation resulting from the skillful use of fine materials, which have been given a prominent role by the creative mind of Giuseppe Carpanelli, becoming the protagonist of an original project inspired by a refined and exclusive furniture concept. These furniture pieces can keep up with the times and at the same time pay homage to their origins. Today, our new products reflect our endeavor to intercept the new trends while preserving Carpanelli's DNA, a synthesis of refined elegance and strong emotional impact.

Carpanelli's philosophy is deeply rooted in experimentation and technical know-how handed down for generations. Walk us through how a Carpanelli signature piece is created and how this process has evolved over a century.

A trademark Carpanelli piece results from a journey of continuous research and experimentation that makes it possible to create products of "high craftsmanship" through a careful selection of fine materials including wood, marble, leather, and metals that are en vogue. Great customer care, high-quality standards, and customization are constants. The originality is in the innovative way we use traditional and sustainable materials such as natural wood.

Carpanelli seeks to be the interpreter of a current ideal of luxury, expressed through the ability to customize our products. A truly tailor-made service dedicated to our most demanding, refined customers in line with the times. Our latest pieces represent a modern version of high cabinetry captured in an elegant design with soft lines and the utmost attention to detail.