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Carlotta Oddone: the Enduring Charm of Velvet

Meet Carlotta Oddone, a talented artisan whose expertise lies in the realm of velvet and textile home décor. With an unwavering commitment to quality, her artistic journey is woven with threads of creativity and craftsmanship as she collaborates with artisans and creators that skillfully transforms velvet into exquisite pieces.

Carlotta Oddone’s journey towards the world of design begins after her five-years’ experience in Rio de Janeiro. Immersed in the local culture, she paved the way for her career as interior designer and decorator. Today, her own design brand mainly focuses on colorful prints on velvet and her spaces are boldly decorated to inspire a sense of uniqueness and joy.

Starting in the 90s, her team is today consolidated, composed of upholsterers, tailors, embroiderers and carpenters that give life to her ideas. This is how Carlotta Oddone’s textiles are born: a mix of imagination and excellent craftsmanship with deep roots in the Italian artistic culture. Discover more about her story and her unique creative touch.

Over time and with great passion, you started what you now call your "Workshop of the Invisible." Where does this concept originate from and how does it influence your work and the creation of your pieces?

"The invisible sewn into the folds" is my philosophy, the red thread that connects all my work. There are many hidden aspects to every project: patience, care, creativity, and artisanal crafting skills handed down and learned over a lifetime. All these things are not visible, not immediately perceptible, but they are - in my opinion - some of the essential elements of beauty and charm.

Fabric is your starting point, that which inspires and comprises your exquisite collections. How did this passion emerge and how has it evolved to define your artistic project?

My love of fabrics stems from all the afternoons spent alongside my grandmother, who used to sew clothes for my dolls. She was a professional seamstress and she taught me the value of working with my hands. I didn't learn her craft, but I understood that designing the fabrics, planning the colors, and having my own collections, would make my work unique and recognizable. Besides, I could never find the fabrics I wanted to use in my furniture projects, so I made my own, being bold with color, reviving stripes on velvets, and enhancing patterns with stripes and flowers, all things that have now become my trademark.

Your background has inevitably influenced your current vision for the pieces you create and your preferred medium. You succeeded in bringing to life objects with a unique style thanks to the expert artisans you collaborate with. In your opinion, what value has Italian craftsmanship today?

What would my creativity be without the opportunity to bring it to life? Artisans turn my designs into reality. Even after so many years, I still excitedly await the deliveries from tailors, upholsterers, and printers: every piece reflects something of the artisan who created it, in a very unique way. What makes our country truly special and characterizes Italian craftsmanship is tradition. Embedded in tradition there is, on one hand, an incredibly rare convention of quality and precision, and on the other, an innate familiarity with good taste and beauty.