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Black Tie: The Excellence of Italian Craftsmanship

A brand that combines the refined taste of timeless elegance with the excellent Italian craftsmanship. These are the values at the core of Black Tie, a brand founded in Vicenza just over 10 years ago. Authentic beauty and recognizable Art Deco style are the concrete expressions that have always distinguished the refined design of its products, which come to life in the city of Vicenza. Get to know the story behind the brand and its gorgeous furniture pieces.

Black Tie embodies the essence of Italian craftsmanship, merging timeless elegance with meticulous attention to detail. Founded in 2011 in Vicenza, the brand aims to preserve true Italian craftsmanship. With a cosmopolitan flair and a 100% Italian spirit, Black Tie emphasizes the importance of heritage and contemporary elegance, offering exclusive collections tailored to international markets.At the heart of Black Tie lies a commitment to creating environments of intimate elegance, where every detail narrates its unique story. Through dedication to short supply chains and local artisans, Black Tie crafts unique, personalized pieces that redefine luxury living, whispering it through sophisticated collections of velvet, embroidery, walnut wood, and woven leathers. Get to know the history of the brand and the core values that inspire its activity.

The Black Tie brand combines the refined taste of timeless elegance with Made in Italy manufacturing excellence. Authentic and recognizable beauty are the distinctive trademarks of your design. Tell us your story and how you have grown over the years.

Black Tie was established in 2011 in Vicenza’s design district by our visionary founder, Pier Luigi Frighetto. An eclectic designer and tireless researcher, he instilled his infinite experience and passion for high-quality upholstered furniture and tapestry in the company. Black Tie was born from the desire to elevate authentic Italian craftsmanship, which is slowly fading away, swallowed up by the dynamics of the global market. We accomplish this by participating in carefully selected international showrooms that share the same vision. These exclusive locations showcase and make our creations available on the US market.

The sofa: keeper of moments of contemplation, playground of shared laughter, the sartorial soul of your living room. Black Tie started with the sofa and expanded to a broader philosophy of living with exclusive furnishing accessories that create perfect synergies.

Care, dedication, craftsmanship. Black Tie becomes the ambassador and advocate the most authentic Made in Italy by choosing short supply chains and local artisans who put their craftsmanship wisdom and skills into every single piece of furniture. What vision do you have for your company’s future and what are your goals?

Our goal is to continue creating timeless works of design, exporting the tailoring and uniqueness of Black Tie products worldwide.

Black Tie’s passion lies in the "beautiful and well made", in the meticulous care paid to each product: from the study of design and the rigorous selection of materials to the inexhaustible attention to detail in each production step. Tell us how a Black Tie signature piece is created and what features you deem essential for its creation.

One table. One team. A one-of-a-kind piece.

This is the starting point of all our projects: a table and a team sitting around it. Together, we imagine the space, touch the fabrics, feel the sensations, and ideas take shape. Time and again ideas change. Sometimes they are put aside and later picked up again. They are rearranged. They are fully embraced. That’s how a project is born, amongst creativity, logic, and meticulous attention to detail. That is how all unique, one-of-a-kind Black Tie pieces come into being.