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Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH (GTV) – Wiener GTV Design

Piemonte, Italy | Furniture Maker

Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH ("GTV") is part of the Viennese-style furniture tradition. It has re-edited a series of Viennese-style classic pieces, created by Michael Thonet and his five sons, and has been making exquisite objects that harmoniously combine functionality and elegance. Also collaborating with world-renowned designers, GTV continues to create new pieces, while revisiting iconic designs, such as the famous chair n.14, the “coffee house chair” with its bent beech wood backrest. Its pieces are distinguished by the WIENER GTV DESIGN trademark.

Missoni Home Collection

Lombardia, Italy | Furniture Maker

Missoni is a luxury lifestyle brand founded in 1953 by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. A promoter of a lively and optimistic look -where the use of colour and geometrical patterns convey an unmistakable style found in a wide range of products and projects, including the RTW collections for men and women, sportswear, beachwear, textile and leather accessories, in addition to home furniture -today Missoni interprets the human values of sustainability, inclusiveness, and respect for diversity that were ingrained in the company by the founders of the brand.


Lombardia, Italy | Furniture Maker

Distinguished by an unconventional aesthetic, Extroverso uniquely interprets artistic visions through the lens of tradition and modernity. Driven by a passion for design, founder Manuela Dello Strologo is joined by many talented designers like Giannella Ventura, Sakura Adachi, Anna Sutor, Inveloveritas, Chie Mihara and others, to create a global artistic network constantly evolving. In creating artistic “bridges”, Extroverso reveals beauty through the meeting of international sensibilities, traditions and identities.

Tonucci Collection

Marche, Italy | Furniture Maker

First-rate craftsmanship and environmental awareness distinguish Tonucci Collection, an interior design brand founded in 1970 by Enrico Tonucci. Working with a small, dedicated team of expert artisans between le Marche and Emilia Romagna, Tonucci Collection uses natural raw materials processed in an eco-friendly manner to create distinctive pieces that are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and ergonomic for private and public spaces. Viola Tonucci joined Tonucci in 2004 and later became partner in 2012 and owner in 2022.


Emilia-Romagna, Italy | Gem Cutter

In 1987, Maurizio Leo Placuzzi founded Sicis in Ravenna, a town where artistic mosaics have flourished since the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century AD. Each mosaic is made in Sicis’ workshop executed by the expert hands of a dedicated team of artisans, all graduates from the Ravenna Musive Art Academy. Inspired by ancient splendors and contemporary aesthetic, Sicis furniture is distinctive for its sophisticated finishes and precious fabrics reminiscent of mosaic patterns.

Laura Meroni

Lombardia, Italy | Furniture Maker

This brand creates tailor-made solutions for customers who look for elegant furnishings with strong character and a perfect balance between art and design. In the heart of Brianza, a district near Milan famous for the high-quality production of furniture made in an artisanal way, skillful designers and craftsmen combine the finest wood, glass, marble and metals to fashion pieces that effortlessly blend art, design, and architecture.

Micheluzzi Glass

Veneto, Italy | Glassmith

An intimate and creative approach to glass unites the Micheluzzi family. Elena and Margherita Micheluzzi, daughters of renowned Venetian glass artist Massimo Micheluzzi, established their Venice-based glass manufacturing company offering homeware pieces defined by reinterpretations of glass silhouettes enriched by mesmerizing accents made using the cold-cutting technique. Carefully mouth-blown by Murano master glass artisans, each object brims with the unmistakable charm that effortlessly suits both functional and decorative purposes.


Liguria, Italy | Leathersmith

In 1939 the Bagnara family started producing household items, and began specializing in high-end pieces starting in 1973. In 1999 Giorgio Bagnara started producing leather goods under the name B. Home Interiors and changed its name to Giobagnara in 2014. Appointed as “the encyclopedia of luxury leather goods”, this brand epitomizes exquisitely crafted leather home décor items. These sophisticated and eclectic pieces of functioning design are hand crafted with the finest materials whose colors and finishes can also be completely customized.


Veneto, Italy | Furniture Maker

Created in 1991 in Treviso, a town 20 km from Venice, VGnewtrend gets inspiration from far away cultures, architectural forms, and the finest Italian craftsmanship. The functional pieces of design that VG creates are unique, exclusive, and made of precious materials. They are expressions of a refined luxury that is the result of continuous research. This way, the furniture “transforms the space in a truly multi-sensorial experience”.


Veneto, Italy | Glassmith

An education from the French Fashion Institute in Paris, and working with leading luxury brands Chanel and Louis Vuitton equipped Catherine Urban with a precious know-how linked to the culture of luxury and taste for details. The Casarialto home accessories line, founded in 2008 is based on a concept of creating products that express high quality and sources small industries to produce in the craftsmanship-rich area of Veneto, with Italian inspiration and manufacturing.


Lombardia, Italy | Furniture Maker

Alessio Elli is a designer and artist with a passion for glass and its many creative opportunities. After studying traditional techniques, Elli explored the digital direct printing technique, thanks to which he has developed his own unique and modern style. His pieces are characterized by a distinctive balance of shapes, light, and transparency and give natural accents to the environment they are placed in. Elli’s works have been shown in Italy and the United States. It has been awarded the prize "America Innovazione" assigned by the prestigious Fondazione Italia USA.

Ovo - Idee e Manufatti

Calabria, Italy | Ceramist

Iconic artistic duo Maurizio Orrico and Enrica Vulcano founded Ovo-Idee e Manufatti to capture the perfect blend between art and design. Driven by a creative, surrealistic-like approach that combines different crafts and disciplines, Ovo designs are an unexpected meeting point between tradition and contemporary flair. The most recent oeuvres by the atelier are ceramic Sicilian Moor Heads defined by minute sculptural details and decorated in monochromatic shades that enhance the alluring features.

Sitap Carpet Couture Italia

Emilia-Romagna, Italy | Carpet Maker

Italian Fashion and Style are SITAP Carpet Couture Italia DNA. Born in 1955 and today an international Brand, leading in contemporary and timeless carpets creation and design. Barbara Trombatore flair, SITAP Carpet Couture Italia CEO and Creative Director, becomes true design in her Centro Stile, thanks to italian designers and worldwide artisans. The Showroom located in Pontenure, between Milan and Parma, is the largest in Europe and it represents internationally SITAP Carpet Couture Italia Brand excellence."In each Creation an idea, in each Carpet a soul, that does not want to stop dreaming".


Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy | Furniture Maker

Named after the ancient Greek word “teúkhò” meaning “to create artfully”, the namesake brand is led by the Garzitto family who has been a leader in woodworking since the 1960s. Expert artisans handcraft spectacular contemporary furniture and accessories using fossilized logs dating back to 6000 BCE, heightening the singular allure. Each piece is a tribute to the natural essence of these millenary plants, finished with natural hues that don’t alter their true colors but rather accentuate the little imperfections that make them one-of-a-kind.


Veneto, Italy | Furniture Maker

Enhancing skills of craftsmanship and Made in Italy design to remain at the forefront of the Italian and international market, Franco Bianchini's Modo10 has managed to establish itself as a brand of excellence in the furniture sector. The company, from Casaleone in Verona, was founded in 1968 when Franco Bianchini started his entrepreneurial career while still very young. Today, Modo10 is a solid company that designs and manufactures furniture with an unmistakable style, in which design becomes synonymous with quality, research and the reinterpretation of Italian tradition.


Lombardia, Italy | Furniture Maker

Founded by Cesare and Umberto Cassina in Meda in 1927, the company launched industrial design in Italy during the 50’s by taking a completely new approach which saw a shift from handcraftsmanship to serial production. The company was pioneering in the way that it showed a striking inclination for research and innovation, combining technological skill with traditional craftsmanship. For the first time important architects and designers were involved and encouraged to envision new designs to be transformed into projects, a characteristic that still distinguishes the company. Today Cassina continues to represent new ways of living, creating complete and harmonious settings that bring together the best of design for each area of the home.


Lombardia, Italy | Designer

A great cultural phenomenon founded in Milan in 1981, Memphis was established by the creative genius of Ettore Sottsass, along with a group of Milanese architects and designers. This movement was inspired by Art Deco, Futurism and Pop Art and created unique designs distinctive for colorful and abstract decorations and asymmetrical shapes, revolutionizing the concepts of living. Part of the Postmodernist style, Memphis influences to this day the designing world with unique statement pieces.


Toscana, Italy | Furniture Maker

Centro Studi Poltronova was created by the idea of continuing the legacy of Poltronova, creating a catalogue that includes the Italian design icons, through the creation of an archive certified by the Italian Ministry of Culture and editing the historical objects of the Tuscan company. The authors: Ettore Sottsass Jr, the radical groups Archizoom and Superstudio, the designers De Pas, D’Urbino e Lomazzo, Elena and Massimo Vignelli and, in the 90s, Ron Arad and Nigel Coates. Each product created by Centro Studi Poltronova has been handmade in our workshop near Florence, choosing the highest quality materials and taking care of every detail, for over 60 years.